The race day: European Championship Runner – Elite runner

Applying as a European Championships Runner

All runners registered as European Championships Runners, can choose to start at the front of the field. If you want to participate in the official European Masters Athletics Championship Stadia, and thereby have the possibility to win official EMACS medals in your age group (35-39 years, 40-44 years, 45-49 years etc.), please contact an association that is part of your national athletics federation, and register via EMACS ( Note that if you want to compete in the official European Championships, you will have to both pay specific fees and follow specific procedures.

Only those runners who register via the official EMACS registration can compete for EMACS medals.

Further information can be found by contacting the EMACS secretariat:

Entry as an Elite Runner

Runners with a personal record below 1:15 hours/men or 1:22/women, have the option of being placed at the Elite Field right after the EMACS contestants.

Please note the following:

  • The race where the qualifying time was achieved, must be officially certified by your national athletics federation or AIMS.

  • You will have to provide documentation of that qualifying time which you want to use for entering and competing as an Elite Runner.

  • Elite runners will be categorized differently, depending on their level.

Practical Information

Depending on their category, elite runners will be offered a range of services in connection with the race, such as the option of personal refreshments, warm-up facilities etc.

When categorized, all elite runners will receive detailed information regarding the race day, services etc.

Contact & Entry as an Elite Runner

In order to apply as an Elite Runner – or if you want to make any other inquiry regarding elite runners, please contact:


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