The race day: useful information for the contestants

Your Personal Items

You will receive a bag and in which you can put your belongings, i.e. clothes, and hand it in on the day of the race from 07:30 at the wardrobe room in the hall at Ceres Park. The back has to be marked with a sticker with your bib number (it will be provided with your bag). No other bags or belongings can be stored. All storage is at your own responsibility.

It is advised that you never leave your personal items in areas with no personnel.

Aid Stations

Aid stations will be located 5 kilometres apart, which means that you will find a station by the 5th km, 10th km, 15th km, and 20th km of the route.

The following food and refreshments will be arranged at the aid stations:

  • Your own food and refreshments

  • Energy drinks in cups

  • Spring water in cups

  • Fruit every 10th km

Your Own Food:

You are to bring your food – if any – to Ceres Park on Saturday between 14:00 and 18:00, and Sunday between 07:00 and 08:00. Several boxes will be placed in which you can put your food. Afterwards, these boxes will be delivered to the route, and the food will be placed on the primary tables standing at all of the respective aid stations.

Energy Drink

The energy drink is a special product. Further product information will be available later.


Physiotherapists will stand ready in a tent at the finish area to loosen up the tired muscles of the contestants.

Finish Line

As soon as you pass the finish line, you will get your hard-earned medal. The chip included in the bib number is a single-use chip, so you do not have to return it.

Leave the finish line, and go to the aid station close to the finish line.

Aid Station at the Finish

An aid station will be placed right after the finish line where you will be offered: water, energy drink, banana, apple and a muesli bar.

Collecting the Bib Number

The bib number will not be sent to your postal address but can be collected at EXPO, Ceres Park.


You can find the latest news on this site and on FaceBook, during the race day.

Shower and Change of Clothes

You can shower and change your clothes at Marselisborghallen, Havreballe Skovvej 11, and at Ceres Park, Stadion Alle 70.

First Aid

First-Aiders will be present at four areas around the route and at the finish area. Two doctors will also be present at the finish area.

Start Area

Information boards indicating the predicted finish time will be placed at the start area. In order to provide the best experience to everyone, please position yourself either opposite of or behind the board with the predicted finish time that you expect to run.


Timekeeping will be made by attaching a chip at the back of the bib number. Please avoid touching the chip. Without a bib number, there will be no timekeeping!

Please remain on the designated route because a mat used for intermediate times is laid out at certain areas of the route.

Note! Participants with missing intermediate times may be disqualified.


You will find toilets after each aid station. Toilets can also be found at the start and goal areas.


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