Terms & Conditions regarding Aarhus Half Marathon

Special Terms & Conditions regarding Aarhus Half Marathon

The Terms & Conditions written below are in effect when purchasing a Bib Number for Aarhus Half Marathon


When purchasing a Bib Number, you are conducting business with:

Aarhus 1900 Atletik/Motion

Observatoriestien 1

8000 Aarhus C

+45 86110135





Aarhus Half Marathon is organized by Aarhus 1900 Atletik/Motion.

We cooperate with Sport Aarhus Event and the Danish Athletics Federation.

The race will be organized according to the rules of the Danish Athletics Federation and the International Association of Athletics Federations.




Personal Information and Confidentiality

The organizer reserves the right to write the contestant’s name, team, company, year of birth and nationality on the individual’s bib number, and on the lists of contestants and results.

Personal informations provided in connection with the registration and participation at the Aarhus Half Marathon, are kept by the organizer and will never be passed on nor sold to third parties, excluding to the above mentioned publication, or in connection with depersonalized statistics. E-mails will solely be used to send necessary information regarding the race, unless the individual consents otherwise.


Use of Image

Photographs, motion pictures, interviews and similar material in which the contestants appear in connection with Aarhus Half Marathon, may subsequently be used by the organizer in their absolute discretion, including with regards to marketing purposes. Both printed and online versions of every picture that the organizer uses – including on web sites, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – are subject to copyright, and may under no circumstances be used with marketing- or commercial purposes without an agreement.

The official press photos that are made available to the media, may be used freely when referring to Aarhus Half Marathon. In order to obtain a granted permission to use pictures, the organizer of the race must be contacted prior.


Bib Numbers

The bib numbers will not be mailed to your home address but will need to be collected during the days prior to the race, that is from 3 August – 5 August at the EXPO, Stadion Alle 70, 8000 Aarhus C. In order to receive a bib number, the contestant will have to provide the confirmation which is e-mailed to registered contestants, prior to the race.

Collecting a Bib Number on the day of the race is on behalf of the contestant’s own responsibility, and any delays caused by i.e. traffic-related conditions, long queues at the pick-up area and similar, are entirely at the responsibility of the contestant.


Special Conditions or Equipment

Blind and para-athletes can compete with the consideration for the other runners. The use of special equipment is only allowed if a prior agreement has been made with the race’s organizers.


Time Limit

There is a time limit at Aarhus Half Marathon at 3 hours netto-time – meaning when the runner passes the starting point.




Confirmation and check-up of registration

Following immediately after registration, one will receive a confirmation via e-mail. If one does not receive a confirmation, or notices an error and lack of information, please contact customer support.

It is the contestant’s responsibility to make sure that all the informations regarding the contestant are correct, and to keep the organizer updated if one’s personal or other informations change.


Entry Fees, Administration Fees and Payment Options

Entry fees are VAT-free cf. Danish Law regarding the exemption of VAT in Amateur Athletics. Our ticket/registration partner Billetto Danmark charges a lesser amount of administration fee. One can pay with Dankort, VISA/Dankort, VISA, Euro Mastercard, Visa Electron, MobilePay Online and Maestro. By paying with a credit card, the purchaser is subject to a card charge.


Safety in Connection with Online Registration

The system of payment is secured and shielded from fraudulent use with a so-called Transport Layer Security, or TLS-solution. TLS is a system that encrypts all credit card informations, that you send us. This means that neither we nor anyone else – with the exception of Nets (a payment handling company) and Billetto – can obtain any data from your card. Moreover, the TLS-system makes sure that the data being sent between your browser and our server, cannot change.


The payment system is managed by Billetto Danmark. When you receive your payments statement, you have the option of refusing a payment. Furthermore, in case of your payment card being misused in an Internet shop using a TLS-certificate in its payment system, there is no deductible.


Product Responsibility, Right of Cancellation and Refund

In accordance to the Danish Forbrugeraftaleloven (The Law of Consumer Agreement) regarding online shopping, the organizer carries the full responsibility of the product. The contestant (buyer) has cf. Forbrugeraftaleloven regarding online commerce no right of cancellation, given that recreational leisure activities do not appear in the agreement.

By paying a fee, a contestant can give his or hers bib number to another contestant. The price of a name change is DKK 100,-. Unauthorised use of a bib number may lead to disqualification.





The contestants should not participate in the race unless they are medically able to do so. Likewise, they have to be fit and in good health, thereby being able to complete the entire race by themselves. The runners can state specific conditions regarding their health, on the backside of their bib number.



When registering, the contestants acknowledge that they are informed of the fact that participation in the event is entirely at their own risk,  and that the organizer, partners and sponsors shall not be liable for death, injury, loss or damage arising from participation in the event. The organizer also reserves the right, in their absolute discretion, to refuse the contestant to participate in the race, if it is deemed that the contestant’s participation may cause injury to themselves or to any spectators or other competitors.

Contestants below the age of 18 are moreover confirming that their parents or guardians have given their acceptance of the minors participating in the race.


Cancellation and Force Majeure

In case of cancellation because of force majeure or an enforcement notice from the authorities, – something that the organizer cannot be held responsible for – it is not possible to get a refund of the entry fees and the expenses related to the event.


Reserve of Rights for Errors and Shortcomings

The organizer reserves the right to potential errors and shortcomings in the informations regarding prices and the event descriptions, in both online and printed versions. All information will be made public with the right of alterations being reserved.




If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the customer support:


Aarhus Half Marathon Customer Support

Observatoriestien 1

8000 Aarhus C

+45 86 11 01 35





Opening hours

From Monday to Friday at 10:00 – 15:00






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